Labor Market Trends in Poland: Average Salary and In-Demand Professions in 2024

Poland, with its dynamic economy and diverse industries, offers attractive opportunities for a multitude of professionals. According to data from the numbeo website, the average net salary in the country after tax deductions is €1245 per month. Despite being recognized as the second EU country with the lowest unemployment rate, the labor market faces a shortage of skilled workers in some key sectors.

Analysis of the Polish labor market average salary and in-demand professions in 2024

Sectors with Increased Demand for Labor

Healthcare, physical labor, the food industry, and the service sector are the primary areas where employers actively seek new employees. This reflects the dynamics of economic development and the desire to improve the quality of life for citizens.

Table: Most in-demand Professions in Poland by Industry (2024)

The European Employment Services (EURES) has identified several professions that are highly sought after in the Polish labor market in 2024. Among them are:

WoodworkingSetters and operators of woodworking machines, Wood handlers, Operators of wood processing plants
Industrial ProductionWelders and gas cutters, Setters and operators of metalworking machines, Metal polishers, grinders and tool sharpeners
EducationVocational education teachers, Teachers not included in other groups
Construction and RepairRoofers, Plumbers and pipefitters, House builders, Craftsmen in woodworking, basketry, and related industries, Floor and tile layers, Construction workers, Carpenters and joiners, Stonemasons and related workers
Transport and LogisticsHeavy truck drivers, Bus and tram drivers
Healthcare and MedicineMidwifery professionals, General practitioners, Physical therapy technicians and assistants, Physiotherapists, Emergency medical workers
Production and Food ProcessingConcrete layers, Cooks, Bakers, confectioners
Technical SpecialtiesToolmakers and related workers, Forklift operators, Electricians, Earthmoving and related equipment operators
Management and FinanceStock clerks, Financial managers, Accounting specialists, Accountants
Psychology and ArtPsychologists, Artists and related workers
Legal ProfessionsLawyers and related specialists
Service IndustryPayroll clerks, Operators of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment
MiscellaneousCleaners of construction structures

… and many others. These professions cover a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and construction to education and healthcare.

This table makes it easy to see which professions are most in demand in various industries on the Polish job market in 2024.

Analytical Conclusion

The demand for qualified professionals in Poland emphasizes the need for continuous workforce development in line with the requirements of the modern economy. The country, facing a shortage of labor, calls for additional efforts in training and upgrading the skills of the population.

Based on the presented data, it can be concluded that employment prospects in Poland are favorable for many professional fields. However, to effectively respond to the growing demand, there is a need for active investment in education and training of specialists in key industries. Overall, the labor market in Poland represents a dynamic environment where a balanced ratio of supply and demand determines successful economic development.

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