The Ranking of the Best Passports in the World in 2024

In the quest for global freedom of movement and dual citizenship opportunities, many pay attention to the rankings of the best passports in the world. Nomad Capitalist portal has released its long-awaited passport index for 2024, capturing the attention of many. Seeing countries like Switzerland, Ireland, and Portugal on the list is not only informative but also inspiring. Last year’s leader – the UAE – suddenly dropped to sixth place due to tax reform, paving the way for new favorites. Let’s take a look at the top 13 countries with the best passports in the world and learn about the criteria underlying this prestigious ranking.

The Ranking of the Best Passports in the World in 2024

Top 13 Countries with the Best Passports in the World in 2024

10New Zealand🇳🇿

Criteria for Ranking and Evaluation Methodology

When compiling the ranking, five key factors determining the attractiveness of a passport to its holder were taken into account:

  1. Visa-Free Travel: One of the most important criteria is the accessibility of a country for its citizens to freely travel the world without the need for visas.
  2. Taxation of Citizens: The ranking also takes into account tax benefits and obligations for citizens of the country, which can significantly impact financial well-being.
  3. World Perception: The image and reputation of the country play a crucial role in determining how welcoming its citizens are perceived abroad.
  4. Dual Citizenship Option: The ability to have dual citizenship can be a deciding factor for those seeking maximum flexibility in their citizenship.
  5. Personal Freedom: This criterion includes an assessment of the rights and freedoms guaranteed to citizens of the country, such as freedom of speech, right to privacy, and other fundamental civil rights.

Each country was assigned specific points according to each criterion, and then these points were summed up. Countries in the ranking are arranged in descending order of points earned. Thus, the ranking includes 199 countries, with Afghanistan and Iraq ranking at the bottom.

The statistics and analytics presented in this ranking can help citizens make more informed decisions regarding their place of residence and citizenship, considering the variety of factors influencing international mobility and human rights.

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