Best Countries to Start a Business 2022

PWC analysts ranked the most attractive countries for private business in 2022. When compiling the rating, analysts compared 33 countries in the EMEA region (Middle East, Europe and Asia) according to different criteria.

The following parameters were taken into account:

Environmental, Social and Governance Performance (ESG).

Access to cutting edge technology. The most successful countries are paying particular attention to building a resilient cyber infrastructure and building a reliable supply chain infrastructure.

Developed ecosystem of startups. In successful countries, a huge number of start-ups are developing, many of which are founded by women. Including in such countries encourage the introduction of innovations.

TOP 10 best countries for private business in 2022

2United Kingdom

Rating details:

The worst countries in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) region were Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia and Croatia.

The attractiveness of a country is determined by the totality of successful parameters. It is not enough to excel in one direction. For example, Bulgaria offers a low tax rate, but lags far behind in other respects.

An educated population, a strong startup ecosystem, economic success, and access to cutting-edge technology all combine to place successful countries at the top of the rankings.

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