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This section publishes articles about average wages, living standards in different countries, the cost of living, prices for foreign real estate, food, etc. This section also publishes various ratings among countries: net average salary, standard of living, corruption, security, cost of living, rising property prices, etc.

salaries in Thailand 0

Salaries in Thailand in 2023: Analytical Report

Thailand is not only about beautiful beaches, exquisite cuisine, and ancient culture, but also a potential country for work and earning. In 2023, after the tough times of the pandemic, the labor market in...

salaries in Hungary 2023 0

What are the salaries in Hungary in 2023?

Hungary is an attractive country for work and living due to the variety of job opportunities and low unemployment rate. In this article, we will examine the current situation in the Hungarian labor market...

Salaries in Switzerland in 2023 0

Average Salaries in Switzerland in 2023

Switzerland, a small country with big opportunities, is renowned for its high salaries. In 2023, the average salary in this European country is an impressive 6502 Swiss francs (€6802). These figures are published by...