Comparison of cost of living in Dubai and Istanbul in 2022

In this analytical post, we will compare the cost of living in Dubai and Istanbul in 2022. Prices in these two popular megacities of the world are quite different. Dubai is a more expensive city, where living expenses are significantly higher than in Istanbul. However, the level of average wages in Dubai is much higher. The article is based on data from the numbeo service.


For lunch for two people in a mid-range restaurant in Istanbul, you will pay €23, and in Dubai – €78. A cup of cappuccino, a glass of wine, a combo set at McDonalds – all this in Dubai costs 50-70% more than in Istanbul. Therefore, the cost of food in Dubai will be significantly higher.

The shops

Istanbul has more affordable prices for clothes, shoes and food. In Dubai, clothes and food are 40-60% more expensive. Consider the cost of fresh bread: in Dubai, a 500 gram bread costs €1.42, while in Istanbul it costs €0.47.


Dubai is a city with an automated metro network, but cars remain the most comfortable transport for getting around. Given that the UAE is an oil-producing country, gasoline prices here are lower than in Turkey. The average price of 1 liter of petrol in Dubai is €1.06 and in Istanbul it is €1.26. At the same time, new cars in Turkey are sold 50% more expensive than in the UAE. But in Istanbul, public transport and taxis are more affordable.

Communal expenses

Based on basic utility costs (garbage disposal, electricity, water supply, heating) for an apartment of 85 square meters. In Istanbul, the monthly utility bill is €65, while in Dubai it is €182. Please note that utility costs largely depend on the specific residential complex and its infrastructure. For example, in modern residential complexes with a swimming pool and green areas, utility costs will be higher. For home Internet in Dubai you have to pay 90% more than in Istanbul. The cost of home Internet (connection speed 60 Mbps) in Dubai is €92 per month.

Apartments for rent

Renting an apartment in Istanbul is 50-70% cheaper than in Dubai. Despite the fact that apartment rental prices have risen sharply in Istanbul due to the influx of immigrants, a one-room apartment in a residential area can be rented for an average of €300-400. In Dubai, a similar apartment in a residential area will cost about €900 per month.

Real estate prices

The average cost of 1 square meter in Dubai in a residential area is €2278, and in Istanbul – €1167. The difference in real estate prices is almost 50%.


Consumer spending in Dubai (including apartment rentals) is 124% higher than in Istanbul. However, salaries in Dubai are several times higher. The average net salary in Dubai (after tax) is €4,087, compared to just €366 in Istanbul.

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