Ranking of the Best Countries in the World to Live in 2023

The “Best Countries 2023” ranking sparked wide discussion and interest among people around the world. It assessed 87 countries based on 73 parameters divided into 10 main categories. The survey involved over 17,000 participants from different countries, including business leaders, middle-class representatives, and individuals with higher education. Additionally, “nationally representative” citizens of each country also participated in the survey. The ranking was prepared by the American news magazine called “US News & World Report.”

The best countries to live in 2023

The survey participants were required to evaluate countries based on parameters such as tourist attractiveness, flexibility, cultural influence, entrepreneurship, historical heritage, quality of life, attractiveness for immigration, business openness, power (military, economic, and political), and rights and freedoms.

Best Countries in the World in 2023

RankCountryGDPGDP per Capita, PPPPopulation
1Switzerland$808 billion$83,5988.77 million
2Canada$2.14 trillion$58,40038.77 million
3Sweden$586 billion$64,57810.5 million
4Australia$1.68 trillion$62,62526.0 million
5United States$25.5 trillion$76,399333 million
6Japan$4.23 trillion$45,573125 million
7Germany$4.07 trillion$63,15084.1 million
8New Zealand$247 billion$51,9675.12 million
9United Kingdom$3.07 trillion$54,60367.0 million
10Netherlands$991 billion$69,57717.7 million

So, based on the results of the survey, a ranking of “Best Countries 2023” was compiled. The top 10 countries included Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Australia, USA, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, UK, and the Netherlands. These countries received the highest ratings across most parameters and were recognized as the most attractive and developed in all areas.

  • The Entrepreneurship score indicates favorable conditions for creating and developing businesses in the country.
  • Quality of life reflects the level of prosperity and comfort available to residents.
  • Social purpose is related to the ability of citizens to unite around certain goals and strive for social justice.
  • Cultural influence indicates the significance and influence of the country’s culture on other nations.
  • Openness for business reflects the country’s readiness to accept and support foreign investments and engage in international cooperation.
  • Tourist attractiveness evaluates the presence of opportunities for tourism and recreation.
  • Power considers the country’s level of influence in global politics and economy (including military power).
  • Heritage reflects the uniqueness and preservation of historical, cultural, and natural landmarks.
  • Flexibility indicates the country’s ability to adapt to changes and develop.
  • The “immigration attractiveness” parameter assesses the country’s attitude towards immigration policies and attractiveness to potential migrants.

Each of these parameters plays an important role in shaping the ranking and reflects specific aspects of a country’s development and attractiveness. The survey participants who formed the ranking took into account numerous factors and aspects of development to evaluate each country and its achievements.

The published ranking of “Best Countries 2023” has sparked interest among many people and has become a topic of discussion regarding the strengths and weaknesses of different countries. It helps to understand which countries are considered the most attractive and developed from various aspects of life and development.

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