World Ranking of Countries by Rental Property Yield in 2023

Travel and real estate are two areas in which everyone seeks their profitable opportunities. But what if we combine these two aspects? If you are considering buying property abroad for rental income, you will be interested to know in which countries this will bring you the most benefits. And today, we will tell you about the leaders in this ranking. One country has been holding the top spot for rental income for the second year in a row. What country is it and what other countries are in the top 10? Let’s find out! This article is based on the updated report from the Global Property Guide. Experts have analyzed the rental yield of properties in 60 countries, taking into account different types of housing (1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, and 4+ bedroom).

ranking of countries by rental property yield

Georgia, for the second year in a row, ranks first in the world for rental income from apartments. In 2022, the rates reached a record 12%, which is due to high demand and a mass influx of migrants.

However, despite Georgia’s current leading position, a downward trend in rental income in the real estate market is already starting to emerge. In August 2023, in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, 9.3% fewer residential properties were sold compared to the previous year. The decline especially affected the secondary market (a 14.6% decrease on an annual basis). This could be a sign of a decreasing market attractiveness due to a decrease in demand from immigrants.

Top 10 cities in the world with the highest rental property yield in 2023:

CityAnnual Rental Property Yield, %
South Africa9.95
Puerto Rico8.05

It is evident that rental yields from apartments are also high in countries such as South Africa, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Latvia, Colombia, Morocco, Indonesia, Lithuania, and Romania. These countries are of interest to investors looking for opportunities for high rental income from real estate.

It is important to note that rental yield data in each city may change over time, and the ranking may be updated. However, these indicators provide an idea of where one can expect high rental yields from apartments in the near future.

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