Salaries in Thailand in 2023: Analytical Report

Thailand is not only about beautiful beaches, exquisite cuisine, and ancient culture, but also a potential country for work and earning. In 2023, after the tough times of the pandemic, the labor market in this exotic country is starting to revive, offering new opportunities for the local population and foreign professionals.

But how much can you earn in Thailand? The average salary here is around $450 per month, however, in the capital city, Bangkok, this figure is higher and reaches approximately $650. These figures about the average salary in Thailand are published by Thai statistical agencies and international recruitment agencies. Naturally, the minimum wage in different provinces may vary, but on average, it ranges from $9.6 to $10.3 per day.

salaries in Thailand

Table: Average Salaries in Thailand in 2023

LocationAverage Salary per Month (THB)Average Salary per Month ($)

It is important to note that in Thailand, there is a minimum wage that varies across different provinces. In 2023, the minimum wage in provinces ranges between THB 328 and THB 354 per day, which is equivalent to approximately $9.6 and $10.3 USD respectively.

The labor market in Thailand is gradually stabilizing after the COVID-19 pandemic. The recovery of the tourism industry and the return of tourists to the country have led to an increased demand for workforce, particularly in the hospitality sector. Currently, there is a shortage of skilled workers in the labor market, and companies are offering more attractive working conditions and competitive salaries to attract and retain qualified employees.

It is interesting to compare the salary levels across different sectors, as they can vary significantly. For example, the average salary in the information and communication sector is $1,265 per month, while in the hospitality sector, it is $485. The financial and insurance sector offers around $1,075, and in the construction sector, it is $635.

Table of Salaries in Different Sectors in Thailand in 2023 ($/month):

SectorSalary ($/month)
Information and Communication1,265
Financial and Insurance Activities1,075
Mining and Quarrying950
Water Supply, Sewerage, Waste Management, and Remediation Activities935
Scientific and Technical Activities905
Health and Social Work760
Real Estate Activities800
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation790
Transportation and Storage710
Wholesale and Retail Trade645
Accommodation and Food Service Activities485

Of course, it is important to consider not only the salary but also the cost of living in Thailand. For example, the average bill at a cheap cafe is only $3 per person, and in a restaurant for two – about $22 for three dishes. Public transportation will cost you only $0.82 for one trip, and a liter of gasoline costs approximately $1.13.

If you enjoy an active lifestyle, you can visit a gym for about $44 per month, and unlimited home internet will cost you $16. And if you are considering renting a one-bedroom apartment on a long-term basis, the price can range from $200 to $400 on average, depending on the city.

Estimated Cost of Living in Thailand in 2023:

ServicePrice (in dollars)
Average bill in a local inexpensive café3.00
Average bill in a restaurant for 2 people (three-course meal)22.00
One-way public transportation ticket0.82
1 liter of gasoline1.13
Average taxi fare per kilometer1.09
Unlimited home internet per month16.00
Monthly gym membership for 1 person44.00
Average cost of renting a one-bedroom apartment (varies by city)200-400

Like in any other country, the salary level in Thailand depends on various factors such as education, work experience, specialization, and geographical location. The future prospects in the job market in the country remain optimistic as Thailand continues to develop its economy and attract foreign investors. On the whole, the average salaries in Thailand in 2023 allow the local population to meet their basic needs and have the potential for growth with the development of the country’s economy.

Therefore, when choosing Thailand as a place to work or live, it is necessary to consider not only the salary level but also the cost of living and the quality of services provided. Living and working in this country is not only a pleasure but also an opportunity to enjoy exotic beauty and culture.

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