What are the salaries in Canada in 2023?

Canada is one of the most attractive countries to live and work in. It is known for its high standard of living, stable economy, and ample opportunities for career growth. It is not surprising that many people dream of moving to this country and finding well-paying jobs.

salaries in Canada in 2023

The unemployment rate in Canada is around 6%, but there is a labor shortage in the job market due to the country’s large territory (the second largest in the world by land area) and relatively small population. In response to this, Canada continually improves its immigration programs to attract both seasonal workers and skilled professionals.

All the data below is stated in Canadian dollars.

The average salary in Canada varies greatly across provinces, but on average, in January 2023, it amounted to $1,055 per week, or $4,220 Canadian dollars per month (approximately $3,100 US dollars). This figure represents the net salary after taxes.

The lowest minimum wage in Canada currently stands at $13 per hour in the province of Saskatchewan. However, starting from October 1, 2023, the minimum wage is planned to increase to $14 per hour.

However, it is worth noting that the average salary level in major cities in Canada is higher, but so are the corresponding cost of living. The main expense in Canada is apartment rent. The most expensive cities for renting housing in Canada in September 2023 are Vancouver, Toronto, Burnaby, and Victoria. The prices for one-bedroom apartments in these cities range from $2,000 to $2,800 Canadian dollars per month.

Table of current rental prices for one-bedroom apartments in the most expensive cities in Canada (September 2023):

RankCityPrice in Canadian dollars
1Vancouver, British Columbia$2,800
2Toronto, Ontario$2,400
3Burnaby, British Columbia$2,390
4Victoria, British Columbia$2,020
5Halifax, Nova Scotia$1,910
6Ottawa, Ontario$1,860
7Kitchener, Ontario$1,820
8Calgary, Alberta$1,810
9Hamilton, Ontario$1,790
10Oshawa, Ontario$1,780

The level of salaries in different fields of activity also varies significantly. For example, in the field of accounting and administration, the average salary is around $5400 per month, while in the field of engineering it can reach $10,800 per month. In the field of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and social services, the average salary is around $10,600 per month, and in hospitality and travel it is around $4800 per month.

Salaries in Canada in different industries:

IndustrySalary (Canadian dollars/month)
Accounting and Administration$5,400
Architecture and Art$5,500
Banking, Finance, and Insurance$7,900
Childcare and Education$5,150
Construction and Service Industry$4,800
Food and Beverage$3,880
Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, and Social Services$10,600
Hospitality and Travel$4,800

Thus, salaries in Canada in 2023 depend on various factors, including industry and location. The average salary nationwide is approximately $4,220 Canadian dollars per month, but salaries are higher in major cities. It is also necessary to consider apartment rental expenses, which can be quite high in cities like Vancouver and Toronto. In any case, Canada offers numerous opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and strive for success.

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