Experts Name the Most In-Demand Professions in Switzerland in 2023

Switzerland, known for its high standard of living and strong economy, continues to offer attractive job opportunities despite some challenges faced by international companies. As of November 2023, the average net salary in Switzerland stood at 5900 euros per month, making it one of the highest in not just Europe but also the world. Fresh reports from recruiting agency Adecco and 20 Minuten magazine presented a comprehensive picture of the labor market situation in Switzerland. While job cuts have been witnessed in certain sectors, there are still several professions that remain in high demand. According to Adecco, Switzerland has experienced a 7% increase in job vacancies compared to the previous year. This indicates that the Swiss job market is dynamic and has opportunities for skilled professionals. In this article, we will explore the most sought-after professions in Switzerland in 2023 based on the available information.

Experts Name the Most In-Demand Professions in Switzerland in 2023

The most in-demand professions in Switzerland in 2023

1Mechanical, electrical, and metalworking industries
2Skilled professions
3Assistants with good knowledge of German and initial professional experience
4Hospitality and sales business
6Real estate
7Healthcare and social services
8Craftsmanship and information technology

Please note that the given information is based on the provided details and may not represent the most current or comprehensive list of the most in-demand professions in Switzerland.

High Demand in Mechanical, Electrical, and Metalworking Industries:

The mechanical, electrical, and metalworking industries are at the forefront of the job market in Switzerland. Despite the challenges faced by international companies, local businesses are experiencing significant growth and are actively seeking employees. The demand for professionals with expertise in these industries remains high, with companies keen on hiring skilled individuals who can contribute to their success. From engineers and technicians to production specialists, the mechanical, electrical, and metalworking sectors offer a range of rewarding career opportunities.

Assistants with Language Skills and Professional Experience:

In addition to the demand for technical professionals, there is also a need for assistants with a good command of the German language and relevant professional experience. Switzerland’s linguistic diversity, with German being one of the official languages, necessitates the presence of assistants who can effectively communicate and facilitate day-to-day operations. A strong proficiency in German, combined with experience in administrative tasks, provides individuals with a competitive edge in the job market.

Catering, Sales, and Construction Industries:

Apart from the previously mentioned sectors, other industries are also experiencing a high demand for workers. The catering industry, known for its hospitality and gastronomy, seeks skilled professionals to meet the demands of the growing tourism sector. Sales and marketing professionals are also sought after, as companies strive to expand their customer base and drive revenue growth. Additionally, the construction industry, fueled by ongoing infrastructure development, requires skilled workers to meet the demands of various projects across the country.


Although some companies are downsizing or relocating their operations to reduce costs, many others are actively hiring employees. Factors contributing to job cuts include rising energy and transportation prices, increasing wages, and competition from imports. Moreover, the adoption of automation and efficiency improvements has also led to a decrease in certain job roles. Uncertain investors have further added to the challenges faced by some companies. Nevertheless, for skilled professionals, there are still ample opportunities available in Switzerland.

Despite the challenges faced by international companies in Switzerland, the job market continues to offer significant opportunities for skilled professionals. The mechanical, electrical, and metalworking industries, along with the need for assistants with language skills and professional experience, are in high demand. Additionally, the catering, sales, and construction sectors are also seeking skilled workers. While some companies are downsizing, many others are actively hiring, emphasizing the dynamic nature of the Swiss job market. With its attractive salaries and a commitment to innovation and industry excellence, Switzerland remains an appealing destination for professionals seeking rewarding careers.

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