Top 10 Best Cities in Europe for Elderly People in 2024

Elderly people, much like everyone else, seek to improve the quality of their lives. Based on a survey conducted by the European Commission in 83 cities across the European Union, a ranking of the best places for elderly people to live has been compiled. This ranking took into account various factors that matter to the older generation: accessibility to healthcare, infrastructure, level of safety, cultural opportunities, and social activity.

Top 10 Best Cities in Europe for Elderly People in 2024

Top 10 Best Cities in Europe for Elderly People in 2024

4Piatra NeamtRomania🇷🇴

How was the ranking formed?

  1. Quality of healthcare: The quality and accessibility of medical services for elderly people were analyzed, including access to doctors, hospitals, and rehabilitation programs. Cities with a high level of healthcare received preference.
  2. Infrastructure for the elderly: The presence of special facilities for elderly people, such as benches for resting, elevators, as well as the accessibility of public transportation and mobility options, was evaluated.
  3. Level of safety: Crime statistics and the overall level of safety in the city were taken into account, which is a key factor for the comfortable living of elderly people.
  4. Cultural opportunities: The presence of cultural events, theaters, museums, and other places for leisure and socializing was assessed.
  5. Social activity: The activity of social organizations, pensioner clubs, and other places where elderly people can participate in public life and find support was considered.

Why did these cities become the best for elderly people?

  1. Zurich, Switzerland: High-quality healthcare, developed infrastructure, and a high level of safety make Zurich attractive for elderly people. Additionally, the city offers extensive cultural opportunities and numerous parks and gardens for relaxation.
  2. Rostock, Germany: Rostock is known for its elderly-friendly atmosphere, developed medical infrastructure, and low crime rate. The city also offers many activities for elderly people, including clubs and courses.
  3. Luxembourg: The small size of the city and developed infrastructure make it convenient for elderly people. Luxembourg is also famous for its beautiful parks and gardens, which create a pleasant environment for walks and relaxation.
  4. Piatra Neamt, Romania: This city offers affordable healthcare and low living costs, making it attractive for elderly people with limited budgets.
  5. Aalborg, Denmark: Aalborg is known for its support programs for elderly people, as well as the availability of cultural and educational events.

Common features of the best cities for elderly people:

  1. Quality of healthcare: All cities in the top 10 provide high-quality healthcare and accessibility to medical services for elderly people.
  2. Developed infrastructure: The cities have developed infrastructure, which facilitates the mobility of elderly people and ensures access to necessary services.
  3. Safe environment: A high level of safety is a common feature of all cities on the list, creating comfortable conditions for living.
  4. Cultural opportunities and social activity: The cities offer diverse cultural events and social programs, promoting an active lifestyle for elderly people.

Thus, choosing the best place to live in old age depends on a variety of factors, and the cities included in this ranking offer the ideal combination of conditions for a comfortable and active life for elderly people.

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