TOP 10 US Cities with the highest quality of life index in 2023

The Quality of Life Index is an important tool for comparing the standard of living in different cities. It takes into account numerous factors that influence the comfort and satisfaction of residents’ lives. In 2023, the numbeo website published a ranking of the top 10 cities in the United States with the highest Quality of Life Index. When choosing a comfortable city to live and work in, it is important to consider not only the average net salary, but also a range of other criteria.

Ranking of US cities in terms of quality of life

TOP 10 US cities with the highest quality of life index in 2023

RankCityQuality of Life Index
1Tampa, Florida, USA171.5
2Orlando, Florida, USA171.0
3Raleigh, North Carolina, USA170.5
4San Antonio, Texas, USA169.5
5Austin, Texas, USA168.0
6Charlotte, North Carolina, USA167.9
7Houston, Texas, USA167.6
8Dallas, Texas, USA165.7
9Columbus, Ohio, USA165.5
10Denver, Colorado, USA165.3

The following criteria were taken into account when assessing the quality of life:

  1. Purchasing Power Index – reflects the ability of city residents to purchase goods and services. The higher this indicator, the more consumption opportunities residents have.
  2. Safety Index – takes into account the crime rate and level of violence in the city. The higher the indicator, the safer the city is to live in.
  3. Health Care Index – evaluates the accessibility and quality of healthcare services. It assesses the availability and quality of medical services. The higher the indicator, the better the medical infrastructure in the city.
  4. Cost of Living Index – takes into account the cost of housing, food, transportation, and other expenses. The lower this indicator, the more affordable life is in the city.
  5. Property Price to Income Ratio – the ratio of property prices to incomes. This indicator helps determine how affordable housing is for the local population.
  6. Traffic Commute Time Index – reflects the average time required to commute to work. The lower the indicator, the less time is spent on the road and the more convenient the city is to live in.
  7. Pollution Index – takes into account the level of air, water, and soil pollution in the city. The lower this indicator, the cleaner the environment.
  8. Climate Index – evaluates the comfort of the city’s weather conditions. The higher the indicator, the more comfortable the climate is considered.

According to the ranking data, Tampa and Orlando took the top two spots with the highest Quality of Life Index. This can be explained by several factors.

  • Firstly, both cities are located in Florida, which is known for its pleasant climate and a high number of sunny days per year. Good weather is an important factor for a comfortable life.
  • Secondly, both cities have a high Purchasing Power Index, indicating strong purchasing power among residents. This is due to relatively high incomes and affordable cost of living.
  • Another important factor is the low crime rate, reflected in the Safety Index. This creates a safe and peaceful atmosphere for living and working.
  • Furthermore, both cities have well-developed healthcare infrastructures (high Health Care Index) and relatively low housing expenses (low Property Price to Income Ratio).

Therefore, Tampa and Orlando rank highest in the 2023 US cities Quality of Life Index due to their pleasant climate, high purchasing power, safety, accessibility to quality healthcare, and low cost of living.

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