What salaries can be expected in Italy in 2023?

Salaries in Italy in 2023 vary depending on the region, work experience, and field of activity. In the northern part of the country, where the economic situation is more prosperous, higher wages are expected, while in the south, salaries will be lower.

In 2023, according to Salary Explorer, the average annual salary in Italy is €43,800, or €3,650 per month before tax deductions. However, Statista analysts present a more realistic value of around €2,500 per month (before tax deductions). According to information from the numbeo website, after tax deductions, the average net salary in Italy is €1,560 per month. An unskilled worker without work experience can expect a salary of no less than €1,000 per month.

Salaries in Italy in 2023

Table 1: Average salaries in Italy in 2023 (€/month)

SourceSalary (€/month)
Salary Explorer (before tax)3,650
Statista (before tax)2,500
Numbeo (net salary after tax)1,560

Table 2: Average salaries in different industries in Italy in 2023 (€/year)

IndustrySalary (€/year)
Financial Director96,600
Construction Engineer42,155
Head Chef37,000
Police Officer34,700

These numbers give an idea of the average salaries in different professions in Italy. However, it should be noted that the actual salary may vary depending on work experience, qualifications, region (salaries are higher in northern regions of Italy compared to the south), and other factors.

From the provided information, the following conclusions can be drawn:

  • Italy does not have a legally established minimum wage, but an unskilled employee can expect a salary of at least €1000 per month.
  • The average salary in Italy in 2023, according to various sources, ranges from €2,500 to €3,650 per month before tax deductions.
  • The level of salaries in different sectors also varies. Dentists and financial directors receive the highest salaries, amounting to €104,700 and €96,600 respectively, while secretaries and cashier-salespersons receive the lowest salaries, amounting to €24,500 and €25,500 respectively.
  • There is also a difference in salaries between regions in Italy. Wages in the northern part of the country are higher than in the south due to the difference in economic conditions of the regions.
  • Information about salaries in Italy is provided by various sources, and these numbers may be approximate or vary depending on different factors such as qualifications, work experience, and region of residence.

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