Top 10 Cities Where Foreign Tourists Spent the Most Money in 2022

Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world set out on a journey to enjoy the beauty and attractions of different countries, as well as to taste the local cuisine and buy souvenirs. Some tourists, not sparing money, travel in comfort and stay in luxurious hotels, as well as visit expensive restaurants and clubs.

According to the research conducted by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), a TOP-10 list of the world’s cities where foreign tourists spend the most money in 2022 was compiled. Dubai, UAE topped the list, where tourists spent over $29 billion. Doha, Qatar came second with spending of $16.79 billion. London, UK came third with foreign guests spending $16.07 billion.

The TOP-10 also includes Macau, the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, the USA, Singapore and France. These countries are popular tourist destinations, where one can not only enjoy the local beauty and culture, but also spend a significant amount of money on entertainment, shopping and accommodation.

The indicator of foreign tourists’ spending is important for all real estate investors who plan to make money on tourists. The lion’s share of money spent by city guests goes towards accommodation, so investors can consider the possibility of investing in the hotel business or buying real estate in popular tourist destinations.

Thus, the TOP-10 cities where foreign tourists spend the most money is an important indicator for the tourism industry and real estate investors. It allows identifying the most popular tourist destinations and concentrating efforts on developing the tourism business in these regions.

Table: TOP-10 countries where foreign tourists spend the most money in 2022

Country NameAmount of money spent by tourists
Dubai (UAE)$29.42 billion
Doha (Qatar)$16.79 billion
London (UK)$16.07 billion
Macau (Netherlands)$15.58 billion
Amsterdam (Special Administrative Region of China)$13.59 billion
Istanbul (Turkey)$13.13 billion
Barcelona (Spain)$12.73 billion
New York (USA)$12.45 billion
Singapore (Singapore)$10.97 billion
Paris (France)$9.76 billion

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