European countries with the highest salaries in 2023

The ranking of countries in Europe with the highest net salaries as of February 2023 has been compiled. The most prosperous European countries in terms of wages are Switzerland, Luxembourg and Iceland.

Switzerland is the leader in the ranking. The average net salary after tax is 5542€ per month. Switzerland is considered one of the most prosperous countries in the world, both economically and socially. Many professionals dream of moving to Switzerland. Now there is a shortage of specialists in various sectors of the economy. At the same time, do not forget that the cost of living in Switzerland is quite high. In any case, the average net salary allows you to maintain a high standard of living. Economically, Switzerland is one of the best countries in the world. Here is one of the highest GDP per capita, developed infrastructure, ample opportunities for career advancement. The main economic areas are the banking sector, trade, industry, engineering, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, food, textile and chemical production. Follow the site for updates. Soon we will prepare a rating of the most demanded specialties in Switzerland.

Second place went to the small state of Luxembourg, located in Western Europe. The following sectors play a significant role in the economy: the banking sector, industry, and steel production. The financial sector is especially developed here. There are more than 200 banks and 1000 investment funds in the offshore zone of Luxembourg. Luxembourg is recognized as one of the greenest countries in Europe. Many international companies have their offices in Luxembourg, which has a positive impact on the local labor market and attracts qualified professionals from all over the world. A high GDP per capita, a stable economy, unlimited career and business opportunities – all this makes Luxembourg one of the best countries in Europe for professional emigration. The average net salary is 4358€ per month.

Ranking of countries in Europe with the highest net wages in 2023 (indicated for 1 month)

1. Switzerland
5,542 €
2. Luxembourg
4,358 €
3. Iceland
3,528 €
4. Denmark
3,233 €
5. Norway
3,196 €
6. Netherlands
3,124 €
7. Germany
2,738 €
8. Ireland
2,691 €
9. United Kingdom
2,592 €
10. Finland
2,557 €
11. Sweden
2,470 €
12. Austria
2,397 €
13. Belgium
2,379 €
14. France
2,285 €
15. Spain
1,691 €

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