The Best Cities in the World for Remote Work have been Named

In our time, more and more people prefer to work remotely, having the opportunity to choose a place to work from anywhere in the world. A study by consulting company International Workplace Group (IWG) allows us to determine the best cities for this lifestyle. It takes into account various factors such as climate, culture, housing, transportation, and internet speed. All of this allows employees and employers to choose the perfect place for remote work where they will be most comfortable and productive. These cities offer different conditions for work and life, and everyone can find what suits them best.

best cities in the world for remote work

Barcelona ranked first in the ranking of cities most suitable for remote work, according to the report by consulting company International Workplace Group (IWG). The study evaluated 26 cities worldwide, and each city received a rating on a 10-point scale from 1 to 10 in various categories, from the cost of a cup of coffee to internet speed to the average cost of rent.

Table: TOP 10 best cities in the world for remote workers in 2023

CityMonthly Rent CostTotal Number of Galleries and MuseumsMonthly Transportation PassCost of Lunch per PersonOverall Rating
1. Barcelona$1,158511$43$12.9658.5
2. Toronto$1,769509$116$10.5358.5
3. Beijing$1,2041,484$42$9.6457.5
4. Milan$1,202282$42$6.4857
5. New York$3,6321,615$122$17.556.5
6. Rio de Janeiro$768346$53$8.4355
7. Amsterdam$1,789177$99$5.455
8. Paris$1,6681,336$90$15.1155
9. Jakarta$52665$10$2.9555
10. Lisbon$1,231122$43$3.7854.5

The evaluation took into account factors such as climate, culture, housing, transportation, food and drinks, happiness, internet speed, and the availability of flexible workspace. The categories were chosen based on optimal conditions for working abroad.

For a more detailed ranking, please refer to the photo below

best cities for remote work

The Head of IWG in Singapore, Darren Rogers, shared information about the factors that influence the productivity of remote workers. He noted that the ability to extend vacations through remote work is highly valued by employees, while employers benefit from highly engaged, happy, and productive teams.

Internet speed is of paramount importance for remote workers. According to the report, Singapore leads in this category, followed by New York and Hong Kong. However, Singapore only ranks 21st on the overall list of cities, as other factors such as happiness index and transportation costs are not highly rated.

The top ten ranking includes Barcelona, Toronto, Beijing, Milan, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Amsterdam, Paris, Jakarta, and Lisbon. These cities offer a diversity of cultural offerings, unique climates, and the ability to rent housing at reasonable prices.

For example, the average monthly rent in Barcelona is $1158, in Toronto it is $1769, while in New York it is the highest at $3632. Singapore also has high rental costs, averaging $3562. Hong Kong closes the top three most expensive cities for rental property, with an average cost of $2916.

The IWG report provides information on the most suitable cities for remote work and the living conditions in them. Thanks to this, the presented ranking can help employees and employers choose the optimal place to work from anywhere in the world.

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