What are the salaries in the USA in 2023?

Salaries in the USA in 2023 have reached very high levels. The average salaried worker in the country earns around $95,000 per year. However, this amount can vary significantly depending on the occupation and city of residence. Such data is provided by the website salaryexplorer.

In this article, we will examine average salaries in popular fields such as accounting and finance, administrative positions, advertising/graphic design/event management, architecture, automotive mechanics, linguistics, and IT technologies.

Average salaries in the US in 2023

Table of average salaries in the USA in 2023 by fields of activity:

Field of ActivitySalary (in thousands $/year)
Accounting and Finance
– Accountant43.4
– Economist65.7
– Financial Analyst126
Administrative Positions
– Secretary44.1
– Receptionist45.7
– Office Manager83.9
Advertising / Graphic Design / Event Planning
– Photographer51.9
– Graphic Designer61.4
– Art Director92
– CAD Editor47
– Architect120
Automotive Mechanics
– Mechanic36.4
– Service Consultant64.2
– Foreign Language Teacher74.4
– Translator90.4
IT Technology
– Computer Specialist71.1
– Programmer89.6
– Information Technology Manager163
Average Salary in the USA95

The row in bold represents the average salary in the USA, which amounts to $95,000 per year.

  • In the field of accounting and finance, the highest-paying profession is a financial analyst, who can earn an average of $126,000 per year. An accountant and an economist earn $43,400 and $65,700, respectively.
  • In administrative positions, the highest salary is held by an office manager, who earns around $83,900 per year. A secretary and a reception administrator receive $44,100 and $45,700 respectively.
  • In the field of advertising, graphic design, and event management, the highest salary is received by an art director, earning around $92,000 per year. A photographer and a graphic designer earn $51,900 and $61,400 respectively.
  • An architect in the USA can expect a salary of around $120,000 per year, while a CAD editor receives $47,000.
  • In the field of automotive mechanics, an automotive mechanic earns an average of $36,400, while a service consultant earns $64,200.
  • Linguists in the USA can also expect a high salary. A foreign language teacher earns around $74,400 per year, while a translator earns $90,400.
  • IT technologies are one of the highest-paying fields in the USA. A computer engineering specialist can earn around $71,100 per year, a programmer – $89,600, and an information technology manager – a whopping $163,000.

Thus, salaries in the USA in 2023 offer many opportunities for career development and a decent standard of living. However, it is necessary to take into account that expenses in the country are also quite high.

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