Rating of the Best Professions for Work in the USA in 2024

At the beginning of 2024, the US News portal presented its annual ranking of promising professions for work in the United States. It notes a consistently high demand for specialists in the listed fields, and forecasts for the next 8 years indicate additional growth in demand. An important criterion for evaluating professions is the average net salary after tax deduction, which in the USA is $4,700 per month (as of January 2024, according to data from the numbeo website).

Best Jobs to Work in the US in 2024

1️⃣ Licensed Nurse

Median Salary: $121,610
Unemployment Rate: 0.6%
Growth Prospects: 44.5% (118,600 new vacancies by 2032)

Licensed nurses take the first place in the ranking with a low unemployment rate and an impressive forecast for job growth. The stable demand for medical services and the rapid development of the healthcare sector confirm their high demand.

2️⃣ Financial Manager

Median Salary: $139,790
Unemployment Rate: 1.4%
Growth Prospects: 16% (126,600 new vacancies by 2032)

Financial managers take the second place. These specialists can expect high incomes and stable growth prospects. With a stable market and financial sector, this profession remains important and in demand.

3️⃣ Software Developer

Median Salary: $127,260
Unemployment Rate: 1.4%
Growth Prospects: 25.7% (410,400 new vacancies by 2032)

Software developers take the third place in the ranking. In the field of information technology, significant growth prospects are opening up. This market is developing rapidly, with constantly emerging new technologies and innovations.

4️⃣ IT Manager

Median Salary: $164,070
Unemployment Rate: 1.4%
Growth Prospects: 15.4% (85,900 new vacancies by 2032)

IT managers take the fourth place, providing high salaries and showing that with an increasing dependence on technology, the need for qualified managers in this field is growing.

5️⃣ Physician Assistant

Median Salary: $126,010
Unemployment Rate: 1.6%
Growth Prospects: 26.6% (39,300 new vacancies by 2032)

Physician assistants take the fifth place, providing stable incomes and a high demand for specialists in the healthcare sector.

Analytical Conclusion:

From the analysis, it is evident that the medical field and information technology continue to be the focus of employers in the USA. The demand for medical professionals and IT experts provides stable opportunities for career growth and high earnings. The financial sector also remains significant, offering reliable prospects for financial managers. Professionals working in these fields can expect a favorable future, making these professions attractive for those seeking a successful career in the USA.

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