Real Estate Market and Cost of Living Analysis in Lisbon in 2024: Trends and Perspectives

In 2023, the real estate market in Lisbon continued to demonstrate impressive growth, surpassing the expectations of many investors and analysts. The cost of housing reached a record €5,400 per square meter, making it the second-largest increase in Europe after Athens. At first glance, these figures may seem overwhelming, but when additional factors are considered, it becomes clear that Lisbon attracts investors not only with its dynamic real estate market. The analysts at have prepared an article analyzing the real estate market in Lisbon.

Analysis of real estate prices and cost of living in Lisbon in 2024

Cost of Living in Lisbon: Breakdown by Indicators

1. Housing Cost

The average cost per square meter of housing in Lisbon has reached €5,400. This impressive value reflects the growing demand for real estate in the region. However, it also mirrors the high level of comfort and quality of life provided by the Portuguese capital.

2. Salary and Rental Expenses

The average net salary after tax is €1,120, providing residents of Lisbon with a relatively comfortable financial position. However, despite this, the rent for a one-bedroom apartment can vary from €900 to €1,200 per month, depending on the location, type of housing, and renovations. Utility payments and internet leave additional traces in the budget, but their levels remain within reasonable limits. For instance, utility payments for basic services (gas, heating, electricity, water) amount to approximately €70-€120 per month. The cost of unlimited internet is €38 per month.

3. Café Prices

Lunch in an inexpensive café will cost around €9-€13 per person, aligning with the average price levels in European capitals. These indicators emphasize that the cost of living in Lisbon, despite the rising real estate prices, remains relatively affordable.

Why Investors Choose Lisbon

1. Strong Economic Power

Lisbon is home to more than 3.6 million people, constituting 27% of the country’s population. This densely populated region represents immense potential for investments, considering the activity and diversity of economic sectors.

2. Cryptocurrency Capital of Europe

Lisbon has positioned itself as the cryptocurrency capital of Europe, boasting the best infrastructure for cryptocurrency business and an attractive tax system. The option to purchase real estate with cryptocurrency additionally attracts innovative investors.

3. Tourist Center

As a tourist center, Lisbon creates a unique dynamic in the real estate market. A high influx of tourists supports price growth both in property sales and rentals. Investors see this as a stable source of income.

Lisbon Real Estate Market Perspectives in 2024

Demand for real estate in Lisbon continues, and many experts believe that this trend will persist in 2024. Investing in Lisbon real estate at the moment is not only an opportunity for capital investment but also a strategic decision, considering the city’s status as an economic and tourist center.

With the growing cryptocurrency industry and an innovative approach to business, Lisbon attracts investors who see it not only as a stable living environment but also as a promising field for business development. Therefore, despite rising prices, Lisbon remains an attractive destination for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios and ensure stability in the future.

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