The Best Long-term Investments among US Residents in 2023

Long-term investments are one of the most effective ways to ensure stable income in the long run. Like inhabitants of any other country, Americans are looking for the most reliable tools to invest their savings.

A survey conducted by the Gallup polling service showed that most Americans still consider real estate to be the most reliable investment option. However, interest in this sector has decreased by 11% in the past year, and now only 34% of Americans consider real estate to be the best option for long-term investments, compared to 45% the year before.

The Best Long-term Investments among US Residents in 2023

The second most popular type of investment is gold. It became more attractive to Americans in 2023, and currently 26% of respondents choose this type of investment. Last year, only 15% of Americans considered gold to be the best asset for long-term investment.

Stocks and investment funds rank third as the most promising for long-term returns. However, overall interest in this type of investment has decreased by 6% and is now at 18% in 2023.

Savings accounts and deposits remain on the list of the most reliable investment options, but their popularity has decreased by 3%. Bonds are also included in the list of best long-term investments, but interest in them has decreased by 1%.

The results of the Gallup survey showed that despite being one of the most talked-about investment types, cryptocurrency is not the most popular option among Americans. Only 4% of respondents chose cryptocurrency as the most promising type of investment.

Thus, the table of the best long-term investments in 2023 among Americans looks as follows:

Most Reliable Long-Term InvestmentsPercentages
Real estate34%
Stocks and investment funds18%
Savings accounts and deposits13%

If we include cryptocurrency as an option in the list of the best long-term investments in 2023, the ranking looks like this:

Most Reliable Long-Term InvestmentsPercentages
Real estate38%
Stocks and investment funds15%
Savings accounts and deposits9%

Despite real estate, gold, stocks, and investment funds being the most popular long-term investments among Americans, each investor should assess their financial capabilities and risks to choose the most suitable investment option for themselves.

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