The best countries for investment and business in 2022

Analysts have prepared a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit, in which they have identified the best countries for business and investment in 2022.

Highlights from the Economist Intelligence Unit report:

Singapore, Canada and the US remain the global leaders. Other countries are unlikely to be able to compete with the US, Singapore and Canada in the short term.

Western Europe. The region remains weak in the short term. Despite rising inflation, Western Europe remains an economically stable region. 11 of the 20 most prosperous countries in the world are located in Western Europe.

Among European countries, Greece deserves special attention, which has made significant progress in this ranking over the past few years. This is due to the fact that Greece pushed off from the very bottom due to the severe economic crisis. For several years, the Greek government has pursued an effective tax policy to attract investment. For example, VAT on the construction of new buildings has been frozen. Therefore, it is now profitable to buy real estate in new buildings in Greece.

China has been hit hard economically by the tough restrictions to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Zero tolerance for the coronavirus has negatively affected various areas of business. The real estate market in China is undergoing a serious crisis, due to which many of the largest developers are on the verge of bankruptcy. Analysts believe that China’s economy will remain weakened throughout 2023.

Near East. Analysts are positive about the prospects for the Middle East, especially for the UAE. The United Arab Emirates could benefit from the gas conflict between Russia and Europe. As a result, significant capital will flow into the UAE, which will be invested in infrastructure.

Russia and Ukraine. In Russia and Ukraine, the business climate has been hit hard by the military conflict that has been going on since February 2022.

Africa and Latin America are the most lagging regions in the world. African and Latin American countries are experiencing economic difficulties that have a negative impact on attracting investors.

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