The most popular countries among tourists in 2022

Every year, millions of people from all over the world travel and choose various countries for their vacation. Which ones are the most popular? The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) list, updated as of 2022, will tell us about it.

So, France remains in first place, which was visited by 80 million foreign tourists last year. This country is beautiful with its culture, architecture, cuisine, and incredible views. It is home to famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Montmartre.

The most popular countries among tourists in 2022

Spain is in second place with 71.6 million visitors. This country is attractive for both beach holidays on the coast and cultural holidays in cities such as Barcelona and Madrid. In addition, Spain is famous for its cuisine, traditional festivals, and famous landmarks such as the Sagrada Familia and Alhambra.

The United States remains in third place with 50.8 million tourists. This country boasts incredible cities such as New York and Los Angeles, as well as natural beauties such as the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls.

Turkey took fourth place, rising two positions from last year. Here, travelers can enjoy a variety of landmarks such as the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Mount Altai, the snow-white beaches of Antalya, and many others. It is worth noting that citizens of many countries, including Russia and Belarus, do not need a visa.

taly is also among the top five with 49.8 million visitors. Italy is famous for its cuisine, culture, and historical landmarks such as the Colosseum and Leonardo da Vinci. Mexico ranks sixth, where tourists can relax on Caribbean beaches and experience the local culture and architecture in Mexico City.

The ranking also includes the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Austria, Portugal, UAE, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Denmark, Canada, and Hungary. Each of these countries has its advantages and unique attractions that attract travelers.

However, not all countries can boast of an increase in tourist flow. For example, Thailand, which ranked eighth last year, has dropped to 20th place this year. This is due to the fact that the country has been under strict coronavirus restrictions for a long time.

Thus, the choice of a holiday destination today is vast, and everyone can choose a country to their liking. The main thing is not to forget about precautions and take care of your health.


#CountryNumber of tourist arrivals
1France80 million
2Spain71.6 million
3USA50.8 million
4Turkey50.4 million
5Italy49.8 million
6Mexico38.3 million
7United Kingdom30.5 million
8Germany28.4 million
9Greece27.8 million
10Austria26.2 million
11Portugal23 million
12United Arab Emirates22.7 million
13Saudi Arabia16.6 million
14Netherlands15.9 million
15Poland15.5 million
16Croatia15.3 million
17Denmark14.8 million
18Canada12.8 million
19Hungary12.6 million
20Thailand11.2 million

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