Ranking of the Best Global Locations for Buying Resort Property in 2023

International company Savills has published its annual ranking of the best global locations for buying resort properties. This year, the top three spots were taken by the French Riviera, Monaco, and Aspen (USA). The most attractive factors of these locations include their natural beauty, developed infrastructure, high quality of life, and accessibility to international airports. The main criterion for the research includes offerings of retail establishments, the presence of world-class restaurants with diverse cuisine, the availability of four- and five-star hotels, the assessment of quality of life, prices for premium residential real estate, and proximity to international airports.

The world's best locations to buy holiday property in 2023

Top 10 Best Global Locations for Resort Property Purchase in 2023

Resort name
1French Riviera, France
3Aspen, USA
4Tuscany, Italy
5Mallorca, Spain
6St. Moritz, Switzerland
7Cotswolds, United Kingdom
8Costa Brava, Spain
9Palm Beach, USA
10Costa Smeralda, Italy

The French Riviera has taken the first place. This destination epitomizes luxury, beauty, and the Mediterranean coastline lifestyle. The French Riviera attracts tourists from all over the world with its nature, accessibility, hospitality, and recreational opportunities. This is due to its enduring appeal and high demand from buyers from different countries, including locals, buyers from Northern Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. New seasonal flights from New York, Newark, and Atlanta also contribute to an increase in buyers from the US.

Monaco has taken the second place in the ranking. This small principality on the French coast is known for its fairy-tale views and opulence. Monaco is an attractive destination for those who value comfort and luxury, as well as for those looking for real estate investment opportunities.

The American resort of Aspen has taken the third place in the ranking. This city in Colorado is one of the most renowned winter resorts in the United States. Aspen attracts skiing enthusiasts with its quality slopes, luxurious hotels, and excellent service.

In addition to the top three, the ranking also includes locations such as Tuscany in Italy, Mallorca in Spain, St. Moritz in Switzerland, the Cotswolds in the United Kingdom, and others.

The Savills World Second Home Locations Index is an important tool for buyers looking for resort properties worldwide. It allows them to assess the potential of each location and make informed decisions when purchasing real estate.

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