What are the most in-demand jobs in Germany?

Germany is one of the strongest economies in Europe and the world. Due to the pandemic, there is a shortage of specialists in different countries of the world. The shortage of specialists in various fields of activity is also observed in Germany. Today, there are about 2 million vacancies in the German labor market. This suggests that it is enough for in-demand specialists to simply find a forced job in Germany.

What is the average salary foreigners can expect? According to Numbeo, the average net salary in Germany is €2,700 as of January 2023.

Which specialists will find it easier to find a job in Germany? We have collected data from various authoritative German sources on the state of the labor market in 2022. We are publishing a list of the most demanded specialties in Germany in various fields of activity, where there is a serious shortage of personnel.

The ranking of the most demanded specialties in Germany in 2022

Field of activitySpecialties
SalesEconomist in retail trade;
Account Manager;
Call center employee;
Sales Representative;
Sales Manager;
Nursing home staff;
Speech therapist;
Information Technology (IT)Programmer;
System Administrator;
Economist in IT;
IT consultant;
SAP developer;
LogisticsDriver of cars and trucks;
Loader driver;
Transport equipment operator;
Warehouse logistics specialist;
EngineeringElectrical Engineer;
Mechanical engineer;
Construction Technology Engineer;

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