The best regions in Italy to live in 2022

Economists from the Italian newspaper “Sole 24 Ore” annually rank the best regions in Italy for living. The rating has been published since 1990. The Sole 24 Ore newspaper is considered a highly respected local publication. Recall that Italy topped the ranking of the healthiest countries in the world in 2023 in terms of life expectancy.

How was the ranking of the best regions in Italy to live in 2022 compiled? Analysts took into account about 90 indicators in 6 main categories: from culture and leisure to the wealth of local residents. For example, Milan, Rome and Trieste won in the “business and employment” category.

Ranking of the best regions in Italy to live in 2022

"Wealth and Consumption"Belluno, Bologna and Bolzano
"Business and employment"Milan, Trieste and Rome
"Culture and Leisure"Florence, Trieste and Gorizia
"Environment and Services"Пиза, Сиена и Аоста
"Demography, Society and Health"Bologna, Modena and Rome
"Justice and Security"Oristano, Pordenone and Sondri

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