The most expensive cities in Europe to rent apartments in 2022

The consulting company Deloitte has published a rating of European cities with the highest prices for renting apartments. Analysts have calculated the average cost of rent per 1 square meter. Paris turned out to be the most expensive city for renting apartments – the average cost of renting 1 square meter is €29.10. The average monthly rent in the 7 most expensive cities in Europe exceeds 20 euros per square meter. In addition to Paris, this list includes Oslo (Norway), London (Great Britain), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Trondheim (Norway), Barcelona (Spain), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Bergen (Norway). Norway was among the leaders in the number of cities with the most expensive rent.

TOP 15 most expensive cities in Europe to rent apartments in 2022: average monthly rent (EUR/sq.m.)

1. Paris (France)
2. Oslo (Norway)
3. London (UK)
4. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
5. Trondheim (Norway)
6. Barcelona (Spain)
7. Copenhagen (Denmark)
8. Bergen (Norway)
9. Munich (Germany)
10. Madrid (Spain)
11.Warsaw (Poland)
12. Rotterdam (Netherlands)
13. The Hague (Netherlands)
14. Lyon (France)
15. Aarhus (Denmark)


The most expensive city in Central Europe is Warsaw (17.9 euros per square meter). Warsaw is followed by Bratislava (11.6 euros per square meter) and Prague (11.3 euros per square meter).

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