Average Salaries in France in 2023

France, known for its rich culture, history, and cuisine, also attracts attention with its decent level of wages. As of the summer of 2023, the country’s unemployment rate stands at around 7%, which is one of the lowest rates among European Union countries.

However, alongside this, there is a shortage of labor in many sectors in France. This is evident in the government’s decision to increase the minimum wage in May 2023 by 2.22% to €11.52 per hour. Such measures are taken to attract skilled workers and ensure their decent standard of living.

Salaries in France 2023

Salaries in France in 2023: minimum and average

YearAverage monthly salary (€) after taxAverage annual salary (€) after taxMinimum hourly wage (€)Minimum monthly wage (€)

The average salary in France for 2023 is €2580 per month or €39,800 per year after taxes, according to data from the French Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE). However, in-demand specialists can expect a higher level of income.

Salaries in different sectors in France (€/month)

FieldSalary (€/month)
Financial Analyst€5,500
HR Manager€4,150
Business Analyst€4,500
Sales Manager€4,600
Project Manager€4,000
Creative Director€6,000
Graphic Designer€5,600
Real Estate Agent€3,400
Civil Engineer€4,600

Top managers of large companies in France are one of the highest-paid professions. Thanks to their skills and responsibilities, they receive well-deserved high salaries. Finance professionals and bankers can also expect a decent level of compensation, as their incomes are impressive as well. In the modern world, where financial markets play an important role, professionalism and experience in the financial sector are highly valued.

Another profession that is highly paid in France is programmers and IT specialists. In the era of digital technology, their knowledge and skills are in demand, and companies are willing to generously reward them for their work.

Lawyers should also be mentioned, as they also have a high level of income in France. The complexity and significance of legal work bear fruit in the form of a decent compensation.

Thus, France offers diverse opportunities for work and decent earnings. Whether it is managerial positions, the financial sector, the IT industry, or jurisprudence, the country opens its doors to professionals willing to contribute and receive rewards that correspond to their efforts.

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