What is the customary amount of tips to leave in popular European tourist destinations?

Gratuities, or tips, that are customary for service in European countries may differ from those in other parts of the world. They depend on local etiquette and may change over time.

For example, in Albania it is customary to leave a 10% tip in restaurants, while it is expected to give $1-$2 in hotels, and not necessary in taxis. In Bulgaria, the same amount applies to restaurants and 10% in taxis, while in Germany it is recommended to give 5-10% in restaurants and $3-$5 in hotels, but not necessary for taxi drivers.

In Spain, Italy, and France, it is customary to give 10% of the bill in restaurants, and $2-$5 in hotels. In Cyprus and Montenegro, tips in restaurants are 10%, and $1-$3 in hotels. Usually, taxi drivers do not expect tips.

In Georgia and the Czech Republic, tips in restaurants are included in the bill, and it is expected to give $0.50-$1.50 in hotels. Latvia and Estonia do not have clear rules for tips in hotels or taxis.

Here is a table with the customary tips in various European countries:

CountryTips in restaurantsTips in hotelsTips in taxis
GeorgiaIncluded in bill$0.50-$1.50None
Cyprus10%$1-$3Round up
Serbia10-20%$1-$5Round up
FinlandIncluded in bill$2-$5None
Czech Republic10%$2.00None

In all cases, the amount of the tip is at the discretion of the customer, but it is worth remembering that leaving a tip is a way of showing gratitude for good service.

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