Top list of in-demand and deficit jobs in the UK for 2023: list and salaries

The UK is one of the most developed and interesting countries in the world, offering numerous opportunities for career development. But which professions are in high demand and deficit on the British job market in 2023?”

According to the top list, a large number of deficit vacancies include many specializations in healthcare, social assistance, the nuclear industry, engineering, IT industry, architecture, music, etc. Among such specialists as chemists, biologists, cybersecurity experts, qualified dancers and choreographers, art managers, professional welders, and many others.

Recently, a large number of construction specializations, such as bricklayers, roofers, tilers, carpenters, joiners, etc., were also included in the list of deficit vacancies due to a shortage of skilled workers in this industry.

For anyone wishing to start a career in the UK, it is important to consider the list of deficit professions and choose specializations that will be in demand on the job market. Additionally, to obtain a job, it is necessary to have all the necessary documents and meet the employer’s requirements.

Overall, the UK offers numerous opportunities for employment and career development, especially for those who possess qualifications and work experience in deficit professions. By following recommendations, it is possible to find a dream job and achieve success in one’s professional life.

Table of the most scarce and in-demand job positions in the UK:

Job PositionSalary from (per year)
Healthcare Workers£30,720
Home Managers, Social Care Workers£21,360
Atomic Chemists£21,360
Biologists and Biochemists£23,760
Physics Scientists in Construction£29,200
Physics Scientists in Oil and Gas£29,200
Civil Engineers£28,000
Mechanical Engineers£26,720
Electrical Engineers£29,600
Radio-electronics Engineers£27,760
Design and Development Engineers£27,280
Technology Engineers£26,480
Other Engineers£26,160
IT Business Analysts, System Developers£29,280
Programmers and Software Development Specialists£26,640
Web Design and Development Specialists£20,800
Information and Communication Technology Specialists£25,440
Information Technology and Bioinformatics Specialists£26,240
Quality Control Engineers and Design Engineers£24,400
Laboratory Technicians£14,560
Qualified Dancers and Choreographers£23,840
Qualified Musicians£22,000
Art Managers, Producers and Directors£24,000
Graphic Designers£18,800
Professional Welders£18,240
Care Workers and Carers£20,480
Elderly Care Workers£13,520

Conclusion: The list of scarce job positions in the UK includes professions with high salaries, such as IT specialists, veterinarians, architects, scientists and engineers in different industries. Additionally, with the growth of construction activity in the country, there is a high demand for construction professionals, such as bricklayers, roofers, tilers, etc.

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