Average salary in the USA and Top 15 high-paying cities in April 2023

As of April 2023, the average salary in the USA stands at $4,230. However, the level of salaries can significantly differ across various cities in the country. Numbeo conducted research and compiled a Top 15 list of the US cities with the highest salaries.

San Jose, California, takes the top spot with a salary level of $6,730. This high salary is explained by the presence of major high-tech companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Cisco Systems, and many others that offer highly paid jobs for IT specialists, software developers, and related fields.

San Francisco takes the second spot with a salary level of $6,550. This city is also known for its major high-tech companies and startups that attract talented specialists from all over the world.

In the third spot of the Top 15 high-paying cities in the USA is New York with a salary level of $6,190. This city is a major global financial center and offers highly paid jobs in the finance and business sectors.

Other cities on the Top 15 list include Tacoma, Washington, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, San Diego, Oakland, Houston, Los Angeles, Boston, and Phoenix. These cities also offer highly paid jobs in various sectors such as finance, engineering, medicine, art, and design.

Table “Average salary in the USA as of April 2023 and the top 15 cities with the highest salaries according to numbeo website as of April 2023”

City (State), USAAverage Net Salary (per month), $
1. San Jose, California6730
2. San Francisco, California6550
3. New York, New York6190
4. Tacoma, Washington6050
5. Washington, D.C.5970
6. Seattle, Washington5940
7. Chicago, Illinois5730
8. Denver, Colorado5590
9. San Diego, California5520
10. Oakland, California5380
11. Houston, Texas5360
12. Los Angeles, California5350
13. Boston, Massachusetts5285
14. Phoenix, Arizona5260
15. Austin, Texas5220
Average salary in the USA4230

In general, high salaries in these cities are not only due to the presence of large companies and business spheres, but also to high competition in the labor market and high cost of living. Therefore, if you want to ensure a high salary, it is worth paying attention to these cities and choosing a suitable field of activity.

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