The top 10 cities with biggest international travellers spend in 2022

A ranking of the world’s cities where international tourists spent the most money in 2022 has been compiled. The most popular cities in the world earn billions of dollars from tourists. The report was prepared by the international organization World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC).

TOP 10 cities in the world that earned the most from international tourists in 2022

PlaceCitySpending by international tourists
1Dubai$29,4 billion
2Doha$16.79 billion
3London$16.07 billion
4Macau$15.58 billion
5Amsterdam$13.59 billion
6Istanbul$13.13 billion
7Barcelona$12.73 billion
8New York$12.45 billion
9Singapore$10.97 billion
10Paris$9.76 billion

Dubai topped the list. International tourists spent $29.4 billion in Dubai in 2022. Second place was taken by the city of Doha (the capital of Qatar), where international tourists left $16.79 billion. Such high spending of tourists in Doha is associated with the hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

A map of cities with the highest spending by international tourists will be useful to those who plan to invest in commercial or residential real estate in order to capitalize on tourism.

Blue marks (results for 2022)
Green marks (forecasts for 2032)

Hong Kong, Macau, Dubai, Singapore and Bangkok have good prospects for 2032. Analysts believe that in the next decade, travel and tourism will act as a key engine of economic growth, contributing to faster GDP growth compared to other sectors of the economy. The tourism and travel industry is projected to create 126 million new jobs worldwide by 2032.

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