The best city in Spain for immigrants in 2022

We collected data from different sources to determine the best city in Spain for immigrants in 2022? It was not Barcelona or even Madrid. The best city according to immigrants is Valencia.

Every year, the largest network “Internations” ranks the best cities in the world for expats (“Expat Insider 2022”). In 2022, the publication named Valencia the most comfortable and friendliest city for expats in 2022.

The main advantages of living in Valencia according to expats

  • Public transport. About 85% of the expats surveyed praise the city of Valencia for its comfortable and affordable public transport.
  • High security. Theft, robbery and other crimes are quite rare in Valencia. 92% of expats surveyed said they felt completely safe.
  • Great opportunities for sports. Given that Valencia is located on the Mediterranean coast, there are endless opportunities for water sports. The city has many modern sports complexes, outdoor sports grounds, jogging tracks, bike paths and gyms. All this makes Valencia one of the best cities in the world for those who follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • Rapid adaptation and socialization. 92% of the surveyed expats were satisfied with the opportunities for sports and socialization.

Disadvantages of living in Valencia according to expats

  • Career prospects and job search are the weak point of Valencia. About 50% of respondents negatively evaluate the local labor market. Finding a well-paid job in the specialty is extremely difficult, especially for an immigrant. In terms of career building and job search, Madrid and Barcelona scored higher. Valencia should be considered by those who have a remote or passive income.
  • Problems with finding a job are not only a problem in Valencia. Almost all Spanish cities in the category “career opportunities” are at the bottom of the ranking. This is due to the high unemployment rate, which is 13%. Spain is one of the leaders in terms of unemployment among European countries.

In another 2022 Work-Life Balance Index report, the best city in Spain was Madrid, which, according to experts, is the ideal place to combine “life and work”.

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