Where to buy real estate in Turkey by the sea up to €100,000?

In popular Turkish cities, property prices have risen by more than 150% in Turkish Lira over the past year. In some popular locations, the increase in apartment prices has even exceeded 200% year on year. Today we will talk about relatively inexpensive locations in Turkey near the sea, where apartments in 2022 can be bought up to €100,000.

Gazipasa (province of Antalya)

Gazipasa is a city and district in the province of Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coast. In the eastern part of Gazipasa it borders with the region of Mersin, and in the western part with Alanya. In fact, Gazipasa is a suburb of the popular Alanya. This area is actively built up with new residential complexes and is in high demand among property buyers who have a limited budget. For example, apartments ranging from 35 to 80 square meters under construction can be bought up to €100,000.


Mersin is a well-groomed and beautiful city located on the coast of a Mediterranean city. It has everything for a comfortable life and recreation: coastal boulevards, hotels of various levels, shopping centers, equipped beaches and a free trade zone. At the same time, real estate prices remain attractive. Previously, foreigners knew little about this city. Now more and more residential property developers are oriented specifically towards foreign buyers. Apartments in the price segment up to €100,000 are presented in large numbers. There are plenty to choose from.


Kepez is a popular area in the province of Antalya, where you can still buy affordable housing with a budget of up to €100 thousand. The area is actively developing, new residential complexes appear every year. Kepez is located 10-15 km from the sea, so apartment prices remain affordable. With a budget of up to 100,000 euros, a wide selection of apartments from developers is presented here. Tourists are unlikely to like this location because of the distance from the sea, but from the point of view of buying real estate for permanent residence, this area is worth considering. Moreover, there are fewer and fewer such locations every year.

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