TOP 15 cities in the world in terms of rising property prices over the past 10 years

The ranking of world cities in terms of real estate price growth over the past 5 and 10 years has been compiled. In which cities in the world have real estate prices risen the most? When compiling the rating, data from local statistical committees were taken into account. The rating takes into account inflation.

TOP 15 cities in the world with the largest increase in property prices over the past 10 years (adjusted for inflation)

City, countryFor 1 yearFor 5 yearsFor 10 years
1. Iceland+13.57%+32.59%+96.40%
2. Ireland, Dublin+4.61%+24.34%+93.39%
3. New Zealand-2.93%+38.39%+87.48%
4. Chile+5.48%+31.94%+87.14%
5. Estonia+5.34%+34.99%+86.36%
6. China, Beijing+1.24%+1.14%+80.00%
7. Turkey+45.88%+48.36%+79.74%
8. Portugal, Lisbon+8.89%+69.58%+78.97%
9. Germany+0.36%+38.13%+73.88%
10. Slovakia+11.56%+55.28%+73.59%
11. Czech Republic, Prague
12. Sweden, Stockholm+1.65%+21.10%+71.07%
13. US, New York+8.31%+36.78%+69.67%
14. Malta, Valleta+0.09%+21.92%+67.62%
15. Luxembourg+12.98%+40.62%+66.33%

For example, in nominal terms in Istanbul (Turkey), real estate has risen in price by 758% over 10 years. However, taking into account inflation, real estate in Istanbul has risen in price by 79%.

According to the report, in many cities from this rating, prices per square meter are close to overheating. The dynamics of price growth begins to decline over the past year. In some countries and cities, prices for apartments are starting to fall.

At the other end of this rating are mainly the cities of Southern Europe, including Limassol (Cyprus), Athens (Greece), Rome (Italy), Madrid (Spain). Real estate in these cities is cheaper than 10 years ago.

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