Best cities for expats: Expat City Ranking 2022

The annual rating “Expat Insider 2022” from the largest expat network Internations has been published. When compiling the ranking of the best cities in the world for living abroad, many criteria were taken into account. The first place was taken by the Spanish city of Valencia, and the second place was taken by Dubai (UAE). Mexico City closes the top three.

TOP 10 best cities in the world for expats in 2022

1Valencia, Spain
2Dubai, UAE
3Mexico City, Mexico
4Lisbon, Portugal
5Madrid, Spain
6Bangkok, Thailand
7Basel, Switzerland
8Melbourne, Australia
9Abu Dhabi, UAE

Rating details:

Valencia received the highest score in the quality of life category. This city is praised for low-cost public transport, high security, social life, ample opportunities for sports and quick adaptation. Valencia has everything you need for a comfortable expat life.

Dubai also received high marks in various categories. Expats praise Dubai for its ability to get all the necessary government services via the Internet online, ease of interaction with local authorities, developed nightlife, many restaurants, culinary diversity, etc. Foreigners who live and work in Dubai are satisfied with the working conditions. Also, the local business culture values creative workers.

Mexico City received the highest rating in the category “ease of settling for foreigners”. Foreigners in Mexico City feel welcome because of the friendly attitude of the locals. Among other advantages, foreigners highlight affordable real estate prices and ease of finding a job. The city also received high marks in the categories: personal finance, work, career development.

Lisbon was ranked fifth in the quality of life category. Expats praise Lisbon for its comfortable climate, developed nightlife, safety, quick adaptation and social life. Financially, foreigners feel comfortable in Lisbon due to the low cost of living.

Madrid ranked fourth in the quality of life category. Foreigners praise Madrid for a comfortable climate throughout the year, ample opportunities for travel, developed cultural and nightlife. Also, expats find it easy and quick to adapt to Madrid. Therefore, many foreigners feel at home. Financially, foreigners are satisfied with their personal financial condition due to the affordable cost of living.

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