10 Of The Best Countries For Digital Nomads in 2022

The Global Nomad Index (GNI) 2022 rating allows you to evaluate the attractiveness of a particular country for digital nomads (remote workers). Countries were evaluated against 50 different criteria in 13 main categories. The Global Nomad Index (GNI) 2022 took into account the following criteria: Internet speed, environmental pollution, fees and taxes for remote workers, the difficulty of obtaining a visa, the application procedure, the cost of living, government assistance, etc. The data obtained allowed analysts to find out in which countries of the world the best visa programs operate and the most attractive conditions for remote workers are created.

TOP 10 Best Countries for Remote Workers in 2022

PlaceCountriesTotal score
1Costa Rica7,4
6Cape Verde6,4
7Antigua and Barbuda6

Research details:

For each parameter, countries were rated on a 10-point scale. Each parameter had a different weight in the rating depending on the degree of importance for remote employees.

Costa Rica is recognized as the best country for remote workers. However, in Costa Rica, Internet speed suffers – according to this indicator, the country received 3.9 points. Barbados was unable to overtake Costa Rica in the overall score due to the high cost of living. Barbados scored just 3.7 on the cost of living indicator.

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